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Department Corner

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


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Dr. Supanna S. Shirguppe


The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in the year 2008, right from the inception of the institution. With a present intake of 60, the department has well equipped laboratories and is spread over an area of more than 900 square meters. The department has dedicated faculty with one doctorate and four of them pursuing Ph.D.
The faculty are actively engaged in career guidance, mentoring, industry - institute interaction and arranging events such as industrial visits, guest lectures, workshops, conferences and guiding externally sponsored projects on a regular basis.
The department has received grants for funded student projects from KSCST, VGST and VTU etc. The students undergo rigorous training for placement right from the second year and get recruited in core as well as IT companies.
The department has also signed an Memorandum of Understanding with KGTTI for skill development of our students and many of our students have been benefitted by pursuing internships.
The changing environment necessitates not only traditional knowledge but interdisciplinary environment which helps our students to work with other technologies. We aim to provide interdisciplinary research. The global climate change and depleting natural resources are requirements which motivated us to offer add on courses with stress on emerging technologies such as Electric Vehicle.
I welcome wholeheartedly our alumni to join hands in supporting our endeavors by all means of interaction for the mutual benefits. Presence of our alumni at various Industries and reputed Universities across the globe has helped our graduates to plan their post graduate and placements off campus. Our doors are always open to Universities, research organizations and we look forward to offer consultancy to utility companies and industries.


To impart quality Electrical and Electronics engineering education and empower students with technical, innovative and professional skills to compete with rapid changing global challenges.


M1: To develop creativity, innovation, problem solving skills and academic excellence in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
M2: To foster research and development activities in the fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
M3: To inculcate leadership qualities and team spirit by encouraging participation in various events in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
M4: To encourage development of entrepreneurial skills and professional ethics in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


1. Be successful in their professional career, higher studies and research in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering by providing contextually relevant academic environment.
2. Adapt to the changing technologies and market trends in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering by providing appropriate awareness and practices.
3. Present technological concepts and theories in Electrical and Electronics Engineering by enabling logical thinking, leadership qualities and entrepreneurial skills through effective communication.
4. Practice Engineering profession with ethics to serve the society.
5. Demonstrate leadership qualities and managerial skills in a heterogeneous team globally.


PSO1: Demonstrate in-depth understanding of components of electric vehicles.
PSO2: Demonstrate skills of using higher level languages for VLSI and Embedded systems design to be participatory in multidisciplinary environment.


Why Electrical & Electronics in SGBIT..?

Technology is rapidly growing and with that, the role of Electrical Engineers becomes more important. They are at the forefront in developing new technologies in areas such as sustainable transport, power industry, robotics and healthcare. Electrical engineering is essential for innovation and we want to our students to grow with the industry. With an aim to improve knowledge base and hence employability, we offer add-on courses and facilitate students to get online certification for NPTEL courses through SPOC Mentors. Our students undergo experiential learning through mini-projects, internship, industrial visits and placement training right from II year of the B.E. program.

Our Best Practices

✔Mini project for 2ndand 3rdyear students.
✔Internship during 2nd and 3rd year semester break.
✔Industrial visits every semester.
✔ Parents Meet, Alumni Meet, Open day.
✔Effective Mentoring.
✔Earn while you learn scheme.
✔Student Clubs.
✔Gold medal & cash awards for batch toppers, cash awards for semester toppers & achievers in sports.
✔ Gymnasium and foreign language courses.


The scope of Electrical and Electronics Engineers:

An Electrical Engineer is someone who designs and develops new electrical systems, solves problems and tests equipments. Electrical Engineers study and apply the knowledge of physics, mathematics, electricity, electromagnetism and electronics to both large and small scale systems to process information and transmit energy. A wide range of career opportunities available for Electrical Engineers are:

➽ Control and Instrumentation Engineer

➽ Aerospace Engineer

➽ Computer Engineer Engineer

➽ Power System Engineer

➽ Energy Auditor and Manager

➽ Design Engineer

➽ Defence Engineer

Our recruiters:

➽ Sankalp Semiconductors

➽ Karmic Semiconductors

➽ Vee Technologies

➽ Wipro Technologies

➽ Smart Brains Engineering

➽ CSR for Pentagon Space

➽ Bhilwara Technologies

➽ Technologics Global Pvt. Ltd.,

➽ Elcamino Software Pvt. Ltd.

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